Are your Rights for Sale? PART IV

Ladies and Gentlemen, esteemed visitors and new readers, I am blogging tonight about privacy;  Your privacy. Lately, I have been keeping an eye on the media and the issues around online privacy.  These issues range from company heads telling people to “get over it”, to cloud computing, (including web-based e-mail) and even Facebook’s new privacy […]

Off the Grid

Wouldn’t it be nice to not pay your electric bill?  How about grocery shopping? Imagine not having to buy electricity, food or any of the bare necessities.  You could buy a farm, but that’s pretty expensive. It would take care of food, but how about energy?  Maybe you’re not into “roughing it”… If any of […]

Are your rights for sale?

Daily I see people posting surveys and answering tons of very personal questions. I know most of you are going to say “So What, I don’t care, it’s just a few quesations.” So that leads me to ask one question. Is your first ammendment right to privacy for sale? Same thing with marketing surveys, companies […]

Are your Rights for Sale? Part II

I guess I wasn't just theorizing a conspriacy when I wrote the first part of this Entry. [url=]This Article[/url] States that the NSA is planning to parse Myspace, and other online Social networks. Did I predict this or what?

Are your Rights for sale? PART III

Well everyone, it looks like congress has approved a bill to allow warrantless wiretapping. (see attached article) If you ask me, it seems that our government is going more and more towards what Germany had just prior to WWII. The government is going to have so much power that people will have to worry about […]